COVID, Fauci and Zoom: Here are the most popular dog names of 2021, report finds

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Dog parks this year may be filled with more pups named COVID, Fauci and Zoom., the app and website that connects owners with pet-care services, looked at its database of more than one million pet parents to unveil its most popular dog names of 2021.

“The pandemic unfortunately did not end with 2020 and neither did the trend of COVID-inspired dog names,” Rover said in its annual report.

The dog name Fauci went up by 270% this year while the name COVID spiked 35%, according to Rover. Zoom, a popular video call platform, was also a popular choice: up by 443%.

Fauci refers to Anthony Stephen Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden. He’s been a constant voice of information during the COVID-19 pandemic, which inspired the dog name COVID.

The pet service also gave shout outs to “truly unique” dog names like Pfizer, Vax and country music legend Dolly Parton, who donated funds to COVID vaccine research efforts.

Pandemic-inspired dog names weren’t the only ones trending this year.

This year’s Tokyo Olympics “fueled new dog names” inspired by Olympians like Katie, Tom, Naomi, Simone and Suni — which was up by 113%.

“USA women’s basketball took home the gold medal and we saw a dog named Sue Bird for the first time,” Rover said.

Hollywood-inspired dog names were also a big hit this year.

Celebrities like Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Lopez, A-Rod, and Doja Cat were some of the standouts.

The names Taylor and Taylor Swift were not as popular this year, according to Rover.

Even naming pets after travel destinations like Italy and France rose in popularity, along with marijuana and Bitcoin-inspired names.

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