CouponBirds Predicts Shipping Crisis on 2021 Black Friday

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NEW YORK, November 28, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The shipping cost is increasing due to the shortage of labor and price rise in every industry. Some retailers have to raise the product price or reduce the shipping service. According to the data from CouponBirds, customers not only hunt the big discounts and lower prices but also value the shipping cost on Black Friday of 2021.

Shipping Crisis with Soaring Demand

The supply chain has still not recovered from the pandemic. To avoid the further spread of COVID-19, the port, warehouses, and trucking companies are now processing more goods with limited workers and space.

However, the demand is still growing. As Black Friday approaches, the shopping requirement from consumers is increasing continuously. That intensifies the pressure on the supply chain. The supply chain crisis also raised concerns from consumers. Most of them are worried about how the shipping delay will impact their life and shopping plans, especially on Black Friday.

Higher Shipping Costs on Black Friday

The product inventory of most retailers is highly impacted by the shortage of raw materials and shipping delays. The shipping cost of the products also went up. Costco and its suppliers are paying two to six times more for containers and shipping. Some companies increased the product price to pass on the cost burden to consumers. Others chose to reduce the free shipping service for customers or increase the shipping cost directly.

According to the statistics of CouponBirds, in October, the number of retailers which offered free shipping service for consumers reduced by 13% and the coupons with free shipping service reduced by 12.6% compared to October 2020.

"Although the retailers will continue to offer big discounts on Black Friday, the rising delivery cost will increase the real spending of customers," said Yara Chen, CouponBirds marketing director. "Customers should check the delivery policy and shipping cost carefully to avoid the extra cost on holiday shopping."

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