Couple in 'Complete Shock' Over Pregnancy with Quadruplets: 'There's No Words' for the 'Sibling Love'

Couple ‘In Complete Shock’ After Learning They Were Expecting Quadruplets: ‘Certainly Life-Changing’
Couple ‘In Complete Shock’ After Learning They Were Expecting Quadruplets: ‘Certainly Life-Changing’

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A Texas couple expecting to have their fourth — and final — child this summer instead welcomed four new babies into their family.

Gaby Hagler, 39, told Good Morning America that she and her husband Patrick, 50, first found out they were expecting quadruplets when she went for a 12-week ultrasound.

"We thought we were looking at two views of the same baby and then possibly four, but the ultrasound tech was all excited, and she's counting 'one, two, three, oh wait, no, no, wait, there's four,'" she told the outlet, adding that the news left her in "complete shock."

She continued: "We're like, 'Four? Four what? Four limbs? Like what are we counting?' And she's like, 'Well, look, look up there. What do you see?' And there were four different babies doing completely different things. So it was very clear at that point that it was not multiple views of the same baby."

The pair married in 2018 and have children — Paxton, 12, and Kalleigh, 13 — from previous relationships, per CBS station KHOU.

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A short time later, the couple welcomed their first child together, Sammy, who is almost 3 years old.

Gaby and Patrick decided to try for another child but experienced a miscarriage, the couple told KHOU. Despite the setback, they decided to try another time.

"We decided we'll do one more," Patrick recalled to the news station. "We'll be complete with one more, with a fourth."

After the miscarriage, they used fertility medication, and Gaby again became pregnant, KHOU reported. Then came their surprise at the 12-week check-up.

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The couple's four babies — Adam, Bennett, Coby and Dane — were born on June 22 at 34 weeks.

Because the quadruplets were born prematurely, Gaby and Patrick said they turned to GoFundMe to raise money for a van to transport them to doctor's appointments. The campaign raised just over $20,000 as of Wednesday afternoon and was able to secure their van.

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"It's been certainly life-changing and a little bit scary, because we had financially planned for one more and that even took some planning and thinking about how we were going to do things," Patrick told GMA. "It completely blew up the whole financial plan but it's manageable. It's just a little bit daunting at first."

Gaby said the three older siblings are bonding quickly with the new babies.

"The sibling love that we have been experiencing here," she told KHOU, "there's no words for it."