Couple's adorable Disney channel-themed wedding vows warm TikTokers' hearts: 'This is solid gold'

TikTokers felt moved by a viral wedding video where a man recited his adorable and hilarious Lizzie McGuire-themed wedding vows to his partner.

TikTok user Marco posted the wedding clip in late June, which has received over 1 million likes. As Marco states his marriage vows, he includes references to Lizzie McGuire to retell the story of how he accepted his LGBTQ identity and fell in love with his husband.

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Marco begins his vows by expressing his childhood admiration for “gay icon” and Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff, joking about how he thought he imagined marrying her as a child. After “doing some research” on the early 2000s Disney Channel show for his speech, he quickly realized that his life mirrored Lizzie’s all along.

“While Lizzie McGuire was lost in this crazy world, making mistakes and getting into trouble, she had one constant by her side to help her find her peace and happiness in life,” Marco explained. “Her slightly shorter than her, much more hairy, creative, level-headed, bad dad joke-making, loving, Jewish best friend, Gordo.”

As Marco hilariously compared his partner to Lizzie’s best friend and eventual boyfriend Gordo, he sweetly declared his love for him in true Disney Channel fashion.

“All my life, I was looking for my Lizzie McGuire when I should’ve been looking for my Gordo,” Marco said. “As her iconic, chart-topping single ‘What Dreams Are Made Of’ says, ‘I’ve found somewhere to belong, I’ve got somebody to love, this is what dreams are made of.'”

Marco’s Lizzie McGuire wedding vows warmed viewers’ hearts.

“I didn’t expect to laugh so much and cry at the same time. This is just beautiful,” a TikToker commented.

“I watched this 10 times. Delivery? Immaculate. Crowd reactions? On cue. This speech? What dreams are made of,” another said.

“This is solid gold!” someone else added.

The video also got the attention of a former staff member of Lizzie McGuire.

“I wrote 18 episodes of Lizzie McGuire, and this is EVERYTHING,” commented screenwriter Melissa Gould. Mazels to the happy couple.”

Marco’s wedding vows even got the attention of Hilary Duff herself, who posted the video to her Instagram story.

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