Couple wed 65 years poses for beautiful photo shoot: 'We were laughing so hard we were crying'

Elise Solé
Rosie, 85, and Bill, 87, have been married for more than six decades. (Photo: Fly Away Daisy Photography)

A marriage spanning 65 years with three children, four grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren was captured in a super-sweet photo shoot.

Rosie, 85, and Bill, 87, (who declined to share their last name) posed for a photo session recently taken by their granddaughter Megan Straight, on a friend’s property in Fairview, W.Va. On Saturday, Straight posted the images to her Facebook page, Fly Away Daisy Photography, where they’ve received 23K likes, almost 29K shares, and 5K comments calling their love a “gorgeous legacy” and “what marriage is supposed to be about.”

Although they had gone to high school together, Rosie and Bill officially met on a blind date at the movies one evening, while Bill was home in Fairmont on leave as a staff sergeant in the Army. The pair wound up dating for three years before they wed in 1952.

Photo: Fly Away Daisy Photography

While the photos are dreamy depictions of an almost lifelong marriage, according to Straight, their love is the real deal. “They still hug and kiss each other and are always together each time they leave the house,” Straight tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “My grandmother just had hernia surgery, and my grandfather has been by her side, making sure she is OK.”

Amazingly, the couple never bicker or even raise their voices and have always maintained a solid friendship. “A while ago, their preacher asked my papaw how he put up with Rosie for 50 years, and he said, ‘I couldn’t have done it without the Lord’s help,’” says Straight. “And being able to laugh together helps.”

Given their ages, Straight felt strongly about photographing her grandparents and even bought Rosie a new dress — white with pink flowers— for the occasion. “It was a surprise, and we borrowed a truck from a neighbor because my papaw used to own one just like it,” she says. “He said it brought back a lot of memories.”

Photo: Fly Away Daisy Photography

During the shoot, which had everyone “laughing so hard we were crying,” Straight asked her grandparents to pose on the ground, despite Bill’s concerns “that if they got down, they wouldn’t be able to get up” (it took a few people to help them stand again). And Bill came up with the idea to incorporate the tractor. “He also got excited when I asked him to get in the truck and drive it across the field,” says Straight.

She adds, “The photos show the love they have for each other, and I am truly proud that they are my grandparents.”

Rosie seems happy to have made her social media debut. Straight wrote on Facebook that when she called her grandmother postsurgery to tell her the photos went viral, “She asked if she would get to go on the Today show or Ellen DeGeneres, lol. Bless her.”

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