County of Wellington is asking residents to share their housing needs stories

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The County of Wellington is asking its residents to share their stories about their housing needs in order to shine a light on the housing crisis happening in the county.

“As part of our attainable housing project, we’re trying to find ways to create more attainable housing options for our workforce and for people in Wellington County,” said Crystal Ellis, director of economic development for the County of Wellington.

The County of Wellington took their campaign to Twitter by tweeting:

“We’re doing a promotion campaign – a public relations campaign – about why attainable housing is important in the community;

this was one of the steps that we’re talking about to really hear from people what challenges they’re having in finding places to live. We want to get a better sense of who is having these issues too,” she said.

Ellis noted that generally, a mixture of people are currently struggling with housing and finding places to live; there are many different kinds of people in different situations.

“We put that call out asking what challenges people are really having so we can help share those stories as a way to show people in this community that this housing issue is affecting.”

Ellis also explained that the end goal of this campaign is to figure out what kind of policies the county can change internally in terms of the types of housing they can build.

They’re also finding creative solutions and projects to fight the housing crisis, and the call out is more for educational purposes.

“We might not be able to help everybody but maybe we can help them push in the right direction. The more we understand about these struggles, the more we can help us advocate to other levels of government as well to build that support that’s needed to help create more options for our residents,” said Ellis.

To find out more about the Share Your Story: housing needs campaign, check out the County of Wellington website.

Angelica Babiera, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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