Countdown's Anne Robinson responds to claims of a feud with Rachel Riley

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Photo credit: Getty Images

Countdown's latest presenter and The Weakest Link legend Anne Robinson has responded to claims that she and maths whiz Rachel Riley have clashed behind the scenes.

Rumours of tension between the two Countdown regulars emerged shortly after Anne took over from former host Nick Hewer, with Rachel Riley even admitting recently that her new co-star isn't "the cuddliest person".

Now, Anne herself has responded to the reports – and while she certainly doesn't confirm them, she hasn't exactly denied them either.

MailOnline quotes the presenter as telling journalist Rachel Johnson that she thinks both Rachel and her predecessor Nick are "brilliant".

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

"They're brilliant – both of them actually," she's reported to have said.

Offering Rachel a friendly compliment about her mental arithmetic prowess, Anne added: "Every time I'm astonished how [Rachel] does that adding up and subtracting. [It takes] just seconds, absolutely seconds. Amazing."

Can someone call Suzie Dent and ask her to define 'olive branch' for us?

Anne's comments come after Rachel Riley recently reflected on the newcomer's approach to Countdown, saying the cosy tea-time series now has a "different flavour".

"She's making it her own and she's getting some stuff out of the contestants and sometimes it's barbed, sometimes it's funny," Rachel said.

Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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Reports of an unlikely Countdown feud began to appear after an unnamed producer who had previously worked with Anne Robinson said that the former Watchdog presenter would not "tolerate" noise or lateness.

"Anne also has tinnitus and cannot bear excess sound. Rachel, with her big heels and even bigger personality, can be quite loud on set," they said. "Rachel used to chat to contestants before every show, and Anne found it hugely distracting.

"When Anne said she wanted silence, Rachel turned around in front of the whole studio and stated publicly that she disagreed; that she didn't find it necessary."

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