Council votes to remove holding provision from Cargill property

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BROCKTON – Council has given the go-ahead to a small apartment development in Cargill.

Kevin McKague has been renovating a building he owns to create five new apartments. The rezoning went through this past summer with a holding provision due to a number of concerns, most of which involve natural hazards associated with the Teeswater River.

The report presented to council at the Nov. 23 meeting indicated the majority of the conditions have been satisfied – the Saugeen Ojibwe Nation confirmed the site doesn’t require an archeological assessment, there is adequate parking, and the site has safe access. However, notification was received from the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority that “the report prepared by GSS Engineering Consultants Ltd. (hired by McKague) is inconclusive at this time for determining if the location of the onsite sewage system is located in an area that is subject to flooding.”

The recommendation listed in the report called for the matter to come back to the next council meeting for passing of the appropriate bylaw, after McKague’s engineer provided additional information. However, the recommendation read by Mayor Chris Peabody was different – it called for lifting of the holding designation and passing of the bylaw.

Two recommendations had been prepared, so staff would be prepared whatever council’s decision was.

It became obvious that council’s wish was to remove the hold as soon as possible – the recommendation read by the mayor was the one that council voted for.

“I would really like to see this move ahead,” said Coun. Steve Adams. “We need to do the best thing for Brockton residents.”

Peabody said, “Mr. McKague has the units finished and would like to get something (a new sewage system) in there before Christmas; otherwise, he’d have to wait for spring.” Peabody also made reference to the Christmas Market McKague has going in the commercial part of his building in Cargill.

Coun. James Lang summed up the opinions of a couple of other councillors when he said, “Remove the hold. We support Mr. McKague in his efforts.”

Peabody added. “Lift the hold so if things work for the septic” installation can hopefully be squeezed in before winter sets in. The subsequent motion carried.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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