A cotton swab may be the secret to keeping lipstick off your teeth

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Getting lipstick on your teeth is an unfortunate makeup reality for many beauty lovers. But this easy hack could help solve this annoying lippie woe.

In the latest episode of Pretty Beautiful, In The Know video producer Lisa Azcona tries a lipstick hack involving something you likely already have in your house — a cotton swab. And for Lisa, the hack is much welcomed.

“For me, getting lipstick on my teeth is almost the equivalent of getting food stuck in there,” Lisa says. “It’s a little embarrassing.”

To try the hack for yourself, take a cotton swab and place it between your lips so the cotton ends are sticking out at the corners of your mouth. Lisa suggests biting the cotton swab so it doesn’t move around. Then, grab your favorite lipstick and apply it as normal. Lisa chose a red shade, which is notorious for getting on your teeth. Once you are finished applying, remove the cotton swab gently — and that’s it.

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“Oh my god, I don’t see any lipstick on my teeth,” Lisa says after removing the swab.

The cotton swab hack worked wonders, but some lipstick still managed to sneak on Lisa’s teeth when she began talking after application. But she says these smudges aren’t as large or noticeable as the marks she’s used to. Still, she recommends blotting your lipstick.

Lisa also says the cotton swab did get in the way of flawless lipstick application, especially at the corners of her mouth. If that is a problem you encounter, you might want to try these beauty swabs from LastObject instead of a standard cotton swab. Not only are they better for the environment and completely biodegradable, but they also have a pointed end perfect for cleaning up stray make smudges.

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“This hack is valid to some extent, but it definitely isn’t foolproof,” Lisa cautions. But, hey, a simply hack like this is worth a shot, right?

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