Costco puzzle book for children has Dad totally stumped: ‘This is like a fever dream’

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A dad has gone viral for admitting on TikTok that a children’s puzzle book has him totally stumped — and people are scratching their heads right along with him!

Dad and TikToker, Dave (@brave.dave), has garnered over 7M views with his video answering the question, “What’s an item you bought that you were disappointed in due to poor product description or false advertising?”

The item, a book from Costco simply entitled “Amazing Puzzles,” has TikTokers scrambling to get to the bottom of the challenging book and why it was targeted to children.

On the cover, the book — which contains 155+ timed puzzles — states that it “starts easy, gets tricky!”

As Dave explains in the comments of his now-viral video, while the book never directly states it’s for children, he claims he found the book amongst books appropriate for his daughter’s age — “fully stocked, not misplaced.”

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Initially, the puzzles start off very easy, just like the book promised. But very quickly, the puzzles escalate to a level of difficulty even this full-grown dad couldn’t master!

Additionally, the puzzles are meant to be timed, and the book challenges you to complete each one in 3 minutes and 15 seconds!

The easy puzzles — like matching the cakes to their shadows or find the odd-animal-out — wouldn’t be a problem for most adults, even with a time limit.

However, the incredibly difficult puzzles — like the “who has too many legs?” Dalmatian challenge, or “which Rubik’s cubes are the same?” challenge — would be incredibly hard to beat in three minutes, especially for children.

“You find me a child that will do this… Who is this for?!” Dave cries in his video.

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‘Omg the poor children trying to figure this out!’

Comments came pouring in by the thousands in response to Dave’s video.

“Well… It did say ‘possible impossible’ at the top!” one user wrote. “I know I can’t be the only person who was pausing to try to solve these though!”

“This is the entrance exam for the CIA,” joked one user.

“Age range: 4-37+,” another user joked.

“Broooo that book looks kinda lit,” another user commented.

“I would’ve loved this as a kid. Give me something to hyper-focus on,” wrote another user.

“Spot the difference was nightmare-inducing,” commented another user.

“What kid is doing this?? I would’ve had an anxiety attack at 5 cause of this book,” joked another user.

“Omg the poor children trying to figure this out!” wrote one user.

To this, Dave replied, “[My daughter] was frustrated, to say the least! We don’t use this book at the moment.”

Even if the puzzles in this particular book might be too challenging for little ones, brain teasers and puzzles are essential in early childhood development. Brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, and other thinking challenges can increase cognitive levels, storage capacity, and agility of children’s brains.

And they’re great for adults too! So parents, consider spending some time working through these head-scratching puzzles; it’ll be a fun challenge for the entire family!

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