BGT star Jack Carrol explains why it was a 'dream come true to join Coronation Street

Jack Carroll joined Coronation Street last year credit:Bang Showbiz
Jack Carroll joined Coronation Street last year credit:Bang Showbiz

Jack Carroll says that joining 'Coronation Street' was a "dream come true".

The 25-year-old actor stars as Bobby Crawford on the ITV1 soap opera and explained that being able to join such iconic characters on set of the show - which has been running since December 1960 - has just been "fab" since the start.

Speaking on ITV's 'Lorraine', he explained: "It's just like a dream come true because obviously it's been in the corner of our living room for a lot of years. There's a joy that comes with walking onto those sets that I hope will never leave me. Barbara [Knox], who plays Rita and Bill [Roache], it's just fab, "

The character of Bobby was introduced as the long-lost nephew of established character Carla Connor (Alison King) and noted that it had been good to develop a "shorthand" with his co-star after she had taken him under her wing at the start of filming.

He added: "Ali has just been absolutely fantastic. It's been nice to have that. My first scenes with her so it's been with her so it's been nice to develop that shorthand. The on-screen Bobby/Carla dynamic has been mimicked with me and Ali."

Jack - who was born with cerebral palsy - shot to fame on 'Britain's Got Talent' more than a decade ago and thinks that the "great thing" is that writers of the soap have been able to incorporate his disability without making it the main focus of the story.

He added: "I think that's the great thing that 'Corrie' has done and what I've done in my own writing and my own work. Disability is a facet of the character but it's not the defining feature and it kind of fades into the background the more that you get to know the character. It's not a conscious thing on my part and it's probably not a conscious thing on behalf of the audience, but if you can kind of smuggle that in subconsciously then that's the way to do it."