Violent sisters spat at police when confronted over flouting lockdown

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
Two women who assaulted four police officers after being challenged for breaching COVID-19 regulations have been sentenced to a combined total of ten months in prison. (SWNS)

Two sisters have been jailed for spitting at police officers and hitting one with a crutch after they were caught breaking coronavirus lockdown measures.

Danielle and Sarah Pryor were being loud and abusive when they were approached by two officers who spotted them while on patrol in Retford, Nottinghamshire at around 11.25pm on Monday evening.

Police Constables Oivind Merrygold and David Hauton warned them about their anti-social behaviour and ordered them to go home.

However the sisters became aggressive and started egging each other on to cough and spit at the officers before Sarah, 33, was arrested.

Sarah Pryor lashed out at officers after they wrestled her into a police car. (SWNS)

Danielle, 34, then grabbed a crutch from a member of the public and smashed PC Merrygold in the shin before scratching his face with her fingernails.

More officers arrived as back up, before Danielle repeatedly spat at them as they wrestled her into a police car.

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As the sisters were driven to a police station Sarah lashed out at officers, kicking an officer on the arm.

Both women admitted to two assaults on an emergency workers and breaching Covid-19 regulations at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Danielle was jailed for 26 weeks while Sarah was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison on Wednesday.

Speaking of the incident, Chief Superintendent Rob Griffin, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Assaults of this kind are completely unacceptable.

Danielle Pryor repeatedly spat at officers and scratched one in the face as she was arrested. (SWNS)

“To treat our officers with complete contempt and disrespect when they are just trying to do their job, putting themselves at risk to protect people from Coronavirus is a despicable act.

“Then to proceed with violence and spitting in a bid to purposefully harm and put the officers at risk is beyond belief.

“I'm glad that the pair have been dealt with swiftly by the courts and hope that they will reflect on their insufferable behaviour from their prison cells. Anyone found committing these disgraceful acts will be held as an example and treated with the utmost severity.”

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