Coronavirus: The doctors earning a fortune from YouTube

YouTube doctors are seeing surge in subscriptions and views on their channels amid coronavirus pandemic. (Online Marketing/Unsplash)

News of the COVID-19 virus rapidly spreading around the globe has made many people go into a state of fear, looking for answers from medical practitioners and political figures. 

However, nowadays, you don’t necessarily need to go to your GP to get answers. Some doctors have created an online platform on YouTube (GOOGL) and social media to talk about medical issues and answer the questions most people have.

With this in mind, research by OnBuy has revealed the most popular medics on YouTube and how much they make monthly from sharing their knowledge via online videos. The data comes from a tool created by Sellfy, which calculates the estimated minimum and maximum monthly revenue YouTubers earn from ads and selling their merchandise.

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So, who are the famous doctors spreading awareness online, while earning a fortune for it?

Source: OnBuy

First on the list is Doctor Mikhail Varshavski, also known as Doctor Mike. The American-Russian doctor has earned over 5 million followers on YouTube, and an estimated extra £500,000 ($628,867) in his bank account monthly. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, he is urging his viewers to be “alert not panicked” and is giving the latest updates on the virus. 

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Second and third on the list are two US-based doctors, Dr Eric Bern DC, and the famous TV star Doctor Oz, both making over £120,000 from their YouTube channels. 

In fourth place is Russian-based, Dr Vivek Joshi, earning an estimated £21,757 monthly. This is a huge leap from the top three positions, however still a considerable sum. 

Dr Hope’s Sick Notes comes fifth. The UK based doctor and YouTuber makes approximately £16,281, from his videos monthly. Two other brits make the top 10 list; The Doctor’s Kitchen (£1,661) and The Junior Doctor (£1,567). 

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Romanian Doctor Mihail is sixth on the list (£5,420), followed by Dr Levi Harrison from the US (£2,482) and Doctor Raga from the United Arab Emirates (£1,791).