Coronavirus: Missy the cat with no ears finds new home during lockdown after operation

Missy, a cat with no ears, has found a new home during the coronavirus lockdown. (SWNS)

A cat with no ears has found a new home during the coronavirus lockdown.

Missy the three-year-old tortoiseshell is the first animal from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London to be rehoused since social distancing measures were introduced last month.

She was brought to the cats home at the beginning of February after her previous owner’s circumstances changed.

Missy was brought to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London in February. (SWNS)
Missy's ears contained polyps growths and were badly infected. (SWNS)

Not long after her arrival, staff noticed Missy was unhappy and shaking her head frequently.

After examining her, they found both her ears contained polyps and were badly infected.

After all options were explored, vets made the decision to operate on Missy’s ear canals and remove the outside of her ears.

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Cattery team leader Michelle Henry-Clement said: “Beautiful Missy is truly one of a kind.

“Although she may appear ‘earless’, she can still hear perfectly well and quickly became a much happier cat following her treatment.

Watch the video below

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this sweet girl during her time with us, when we haven’t been cuddling or playing together with her favourite string toys, she’s kept us entertained with her funny, seal-like belly flops.

"We were sad to say goodbye to our unique cat but very excited for her to start the next chapter of her life.”

Missy pictured before the operation to remove the outside of her ears. (SWNS)

Battersea has started to find new homes for its dogs and cats following government approved guidance, and Missy went to stay with her new owner in Lambeth last week.

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