Coronation Street's Stu left emotional over Christmas setback

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Stu Carpenter receives some disappointing news next week as a Christmas storyline begins.

Stu hopes to make amends with his granddaughter Eliza Woodrow and her father Dom Everett, but is upset to realise that he has left it too late to salvage hopes of a happy festive season.

In upcoming scenes, Roy Cropper suggests that Stu should reach out to Eliza and Dom following their recent tensions.

Roy says that Stu should invite Eliza and Dom to enjoy Christmas dinner with him and Yasmeen, providing everyone with a clean slate.

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Stu considers it and later makes the approach to Eliza, who informs him that she already has other plans.

A disappointed Stu tells Yasmeen that, since a heartwarming family meal is off the cards, they should keep busy by opening Speed Daal on Christmas Day instead.

Eliza has been living with Dom over the past few weeks, but Stu knows that he's not to be trusted.

Dom previously demanded cash from Stu in exchange for staying away from Eliza, leaving Stu disgusted that he'd use his own daughter to shamelessly make money. Stu hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Dom, but Yasmeen was concerned by his tactics.

stu carpenter, yasmeen, coronation street

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The upcoming scenes pave the way for a Christmas storyline which was previously teased by Coronation Street's producer Iain MacLeod.

MacLeod told Digital Spy and other media earlier this month: "This is another one of those stories that we were hoping to play as an incredibly relatable tale – about parental versus grand parental influence over a child.

"There is loads more to come for them. It's incredibly poignant. Stu makes some incredibly bad decisions in the course of the story, fully believing that he's right. But he makes a total hash of things.

"I think it's fair to say, in the course of that, Stu will seriously endanger his relationship with Yasmeen. After Geoff and Sharif, Yasmeen has profound trust issues when it comes to men – and Stu's behaviour around this story will give her, at the very least, serious pause for thought."

He added: "It's got fantastically good actors in the middle of it. Christmas will be upsetting for that family, in a way that will trigger something a bit bigger as we head into the early New Year and spring."

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