Coronation Street's Billy Mayhew suspended from church

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Billy Mayhew has been suspended from the clergy following his church wedding with husband Paul Foreman in Coronation Street.

The pair tied the knot in a joyous episode earlier this week, after deciding to finally tie the knot on an unexpectedly emotional skinny-dipping trip last month.

Local vicar Billy suspected there may be consequences for having a same-sex wedding in a church and those fears came back to haunt him in Tuesday's (October 3) episode.

embargo 2100 02102023 billy mayhew and paul foreman's wedding in coronation street

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The newlyweds were looking through their wedding photos when they noticed one with the exchanging of rings was missing from the pile.

The mystery was soon solved when the bishop arrived with the photo, revealing it had been left in the church. The bishop warned that while Paul and Billy's wedding was technically against the rules of the church, he would be willing to turn a blind eye given Paul's MND diagnosis.

Unfortunately, Billy later found out that the church warden had posted about the wedding on social media and was soliciting comments on whether it was appropriate. Billy tried to go on the offensive by giving a radio interview where he defended his decision to marry Billy in a church.

embargo 2100 02102023 billy mayhew and paul foreman's wedding in coronation street

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The vicar apologised to anyone who he may have offended but refused to say he was sorry for marrying the man he loved.

While Paul, Summer and Bernie were beaming with pride while listening to the radio interview, Billy soon fielded a call from the bishop announcing he'd been suspended from the clergy indefinitely.

Earlier this week, cast member Daniel Brocklebank spoke about the impact the suspension would have on Billy.

"Luckily, for now, Billy is still being paid, so that's good! He's only suspended, he's not fired, so he still has an income coming in," he told Digital Spy. "Had they stopped his income, that would have been a whole other layer of stress added on to it.

"Billy is quite resolute about the fact that: 'This is where we're at for now'. He's got no other skill sets. He doesn't know what the hell he's going to do! I don't know what else he could do, either. Maybe he'd be a good therapist, I don't know. Billy would certainly have to retrain."

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Coronation Street has been working on Paul's storyline with support from the MND Association, which focuses on improving access to care, research and campaigning for people affected by motor neurone disease. The charity's helpline MND Connect (0808 802 6262) is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and 7pm to 10.30pm. Calls are free.

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