Coronation Street's Asha Alahan surprises Nina Lucas with Isla confession

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Asha Alahan delivers a shock to her girlfriend Nina Lucas next week, after her friendship with mentor Isla takes an unexpected new turn.

Nina has already admitted to Asha that she is jealous of her close relationship with Isla and of the amount of time that they have been spending together, but Asha has been quick to reassure her girlfriend that her and Isla's friendship is nothing more than that.

However, in new scenes airing next week, trainee paramedic Asha is confused when she meets up with Isla to study, only for Isla to announce that she would rather spend the day getting drunk in the Bistro.

isla, asha alahan, coronation street

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After a few drinks, a tipsy Isla confides in Asha that her ex-boyfriend is pestering her. Revealing that she's fed up with dating men, she adds that she's thinking about pursuing a relationship with a woman instead.

When Nina shows up at the Bistro, she's unimpressed to find Asha and Isla giggling and gripping each other's hands across the table.

Later in the week, Nina tells Shona Platt that she wants to have an honest conversation with Asha about how she feels.

isla, asha alahan, coronation street

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Isla later calls at No.7 and admits to Asha that she likes her, but she respects the fact that she's with Nina, and adds that she reckons it might be a good idea for Asha to switch mentors.

An upbeat Asha then admits to Nina that the reason she has requested to start working with a different crew is because Isla has a crush on her.

asha alahan, nina lucas, coronation street
nina lucas, asha alahan, isla, coronation street

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How will Nina react to having her fears about Isla confirmed?

Actress Tanisha Gorey, who plays Asha, revealed late last year that she doesn't want to see her character involved in a cheating story, saying that "we don't need" to see Asha and Nina split due to one of them being unfaithful.

"Not everyone needs to cheat in a relationship," she added while speaking to What To Watch. "But it’s a soap, we need the drama, we need something. But cheating should not be on the cards. Let’s hope that’s not the case."

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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