Coronation Street star Rob Mallard teases upcoming split for Daniel and Daisy

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Rob Mallard has discussed the long-term consequences of his character Daniel Osbourne uncovering Daisy Midgeley's betrayal.

Daniel is left devastated next week as Simon Barlow sends him some incriminating video footage, which proves that Daisy slept with Ryan Connor earlier this year.

The teacher has been suspicious over Daisy's friendship with Ryan in recent weeks and is distraught to realise that he was right all along.

Although Daniel initially keeps quiet about his discovery and tries to put it out of his mind, Coronation Street's producer Iain MacLeod has already confirmed that he'll ultimately split from Daisy in the coming weeks.

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Speaking about the drama to come, Rob explained: "Daniel is really shocked at first. Even though he was suspicious before, and he was actually on to the truth, he allowed doubt to get in and thought he was potentially just being paranoid.

"So, to have that turned on a dime and actually have the proof right there in front of him, the first thing he experiences is shock and then blind rage.

"I don't think Daniel knows quite how he wants to react because he'll want two things simultaneously – he'll want his dignity, which would mean having to leave Daisy, but he also does want Daisy as well, so in that sense he's kind of trapped."

Discussing the potential impact on Daniel's young son Bertie, Rob continued: "In the short term, losing Daisy would be like losing another mother figure for Bertie which would be sad, but in the long term with Daisy's unfaithfulness, the longer he allows that relationship to continue between Daisy and Bertie, the more she'll be able to hurt him in the future.

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"So for Bertie's sake, the pain in the short term of losing Daisy would be better than the pain she could cause down the line.

"I think once someone's demonstrated to you that they're able to lie to you like the way Daisy has, it would be really difficult to fully forgive.

"You may think that you can go back but you're always going to be suspicious, second guess everything that person says and wonder whether they're actually where they say they are going to be. So, I think that's unfortunately the future of Daniel and Daisy.

"My main advice to Daniel would be to always put Bertie first. Put Bertie before his feelings and Daisy's feelings. Like I said, he will need to work out the short term and long term damage that this would cause to Bertie most importantly and decide what is best for his future."

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