Coronation Street star Calum Lill 'always watches' the ITV soap with his TikTok-famous grandma

© Calum Lill/TikTok credit:Bang Showbiz
© Calum Lill/TikTok credit:Bang Showbiz

Calum Lill always watches 'Coronation Street' with his TikTok-famous grandma.

The actor plays menacing solicitor Joel Deering in the ITV1 soap opera and after a clip of himself and his grandmother Sue went viral on social media when she appeared horrified to realise how his character had "battered" Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) over the head, he explained it was "so special" to have shared that moment with her, especially because she has supported his career from the start.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "My grandma is so funny and I knew she wouldn’t be able to believe it. She’s a working class woman from Manchester; she’s so proud of me, but I knew her reaction would be priceless. We’d [always] watch 'Coronation Street' together with a cup of tea and she used to drive me to my acting classes - from the age of 14.

“So to be able to watch this with her and share that moment was really nice and so special."

In the clip, Sue leaves the room after realising that her "grandson is a killer" and the video has attracted more viewers than 'Corrie' itself, having recently surpassed eight million hits.

The former 'Hollyoaks' actor also noted that his acting career did not come easily and that it is "fantastic" that he has finally landed such a prominent role after spending more than half of his life trying to make it as an actor.

He said: "We weren’t a family with money. And the classes weren’t cheap, so I’m glad that I can now make all that expense worth it for her.

“I started going to classes and auditioning when I was 14. I’ve spent half of my life trying to be an actor. Now I’m at 'Coronation Street' it feels like it’s finally starting to pay off, which is fantastic.”