'Coronation Street' spoilers: Kidnap drama for Maria Connor

Spotting Ali Neeson [JAMES BURROWS]. sitting in his car, Maria Connor [SAMIA LONGCHAMBON] climbs into the passenger seat and quizzes him about his overdose. Maria's horrified when Ali locks her in and tells her how he suspects Gary spiked his drink. As Maria pulls fruitlessly at the door handle, Ali starts the car. (ITV Plc)

Maria Connor is set for a nasty shock in Coronation Street next week when she’s kidnapped by her ex.

Convinced that Maria’s fiancé, Gary Windass, tried to have him killed, Ali Neeson goes to desperate lengths to get Maria to believe him.

Early in the week, Ali – who’s played by James Burrows in the ITV soap – is rushed to hospital after overdosing on diazepam.

Maria Connor [SAMIA LONGCHAMBON] and Gary Windass [MIKEY NORTH] watch in horror as Ali Neeson [JAMES BURROWS] is loaded into an ambulance. (ITV Plc)

Corrie fans know that the young doctor has battled an addiction to the prescription pills before. But Ali denies he’s hooked again and is certain Gary’s behind the overdose which sees him collapse at the medical centre.

When Maria (Samia Longchambon) sees Ali sitting in his car after he’s discharged from hospital, she gets into the passenger seat and quizzes Ali about the overdose.

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But she’s left fearful when Ali locks the doors and tells her that he thinks Gary is trying to kill him by spiking his drink.

Horrified, Maria desperately tries to get out of the car, but a furious Ali starts the engine and drives off, with Maria trapped inside.

Gary Windass [MIKEY NORTH] confronts Ali Neeson [JAMES BURROWS] on the street and warns him to stay away from Maria. (ITV Plc)

A terrified Maria begs Ali to stop the car and let her go but he doesn’t listen and continues to drive erratically.

When he finally does stop and let her go, Maria rushes home to Gary where she collapses in his arms and tells him about her ordeal with Ali.

She confesses that Ali believes Gary spiked his drink and is trying to kill him, but how will serial killer Gary react?

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Corrie fans know that Gary and Ali have been clashing over Maria for months and with actor Burrows set to bow out of the soap next week, could Ali become another of Gary’s victims?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV