Coronation Street: Jenny learns The Rovers will close

Episode 11,069 – 11,070 | Airs Tuesday 26 September 2023 at 20:00 on ITV1

Stephen tells Jenny that he wants to take her on holiday to Thailand to get away from everything.

The Waterford's manager arrives to break the news that they're closing The Rovers for an extensive refurbishment and their contracts have been terminated with immediate effect. Jenny and the staff are thrown into a spin. Can they save the pub?

Adam insists there's a case for unfair dismissal, but when DS Swain calls to tell Jenny they now have proof that neither Leo nor Teddy visited Canada, her mind goes elsewhere.

As Jenny argues that Teddy contacted Stephen from Canada, Stephen inwardly panics.

Meanwhile, Lauren clocks Ryan looking at flats to rent. She offers him the spare room at her precinct flat. Carla and Daisy are concerned as Ryan moves out.

Trying to make amends for his jealous behaviour, Daniel helps Ryan carry his things into the flat. But when some lads make jibes at Ryan about his scars, he turns on them in a rage. Daniel intervenes. As Daniel picks up Ryan's things, he notices the stash of testosterone.

Elsewhere, Courtney puts pressure on Aadi to find them somewhere to live. Telling her he loves her, a besotted Aadi promises to get onto it straight away. When Bernie reveals that Shelly's old flat is up for rent, Aadi's delighted whilst Dev glowers at Bernie.

Also today, Ange, the owner of a local cab firm, calls at the garage and reveals that she's looking for someone to service her fleet. When Cassie lets slip that Abi has been in prison and they're both recovering addicts, Kevin despairs.

Finally, Paul asks an emotional Bernie and Gemma if they'll walk him down the aisle to steady him.

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