Corey Feldman on his alleged stabbing attack: 'I could be dead in a few months'

Actor Corey Feldman sat down with Natalie Morales on Access and spoke about his alleged stabbing that occurred on the night of March 27. Feldman was in his car when he says a man approached his door and tried to open it. The door was locked and didn’t open, but when the man tried again, it opened. Feldman believes the man may have had a device that unlocked the door. Then, according to Feldman, “…he got the door open, lunged in one time, stabbed me like that (demonstrates stabbing motion), and then pulled back out and that was it.”

Feldman believes he may have been stabbed with a hypodermic needle and could have been poisoned. He said it’s “jarring” to think it’s possible he “could be dead in a few months.” Feldman attributes the alleged attack to a group that calls itself The Wolfpack that he says has been harassing him for some time, and he knows why. When Morales asked if it has anything to do with his pedophile claims, Feldman replied, “It is 100% connected. The threats that I’ve been getting. The assault. The fake accusations. All these things that have been happening where it’s like, ‘Why’s everybody coming after Corey?’ This is why. It is 100% about the fact that I’ve been speaking up.”

Feldman, who claims to have been sexually abused when he was young, began speaking out about an alleged Hollywood pedophile ring last year. The LAPD opened an investigation into Feldman’s claims in November, and the actor plans to continue his crusade until the alleged perpetrators are exposed.

“This is Hollywood. There are a lot of amazing people here. A lot of talented, beautiful artists and great people here. And there’s a few sickos. And we gotta root them out. And we gotta get them outta here,” Feldman said.