How have you convinced family and friends to get the Covid vaccine in Australia?

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<span>Photograph: Daniel Pockett/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Daniel Pockett/Getty Images

With the continued spread of misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines, it can be challenging to talk to family members who are listening to it or making health decisions based on it.

So how do you swing the opinion of loved ones or friends who have taken the view that blanket vaccination is not the way to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic?

While hesitancy is not the sole cause for the slow rollout, it is a factor that is fuelled by confusing and changing information and, as vaccination expert Julie Leask says, Australia has a major challenge ahead in that it needs to get at least 75% of eligible Australians vaccinated against Covid-19.

Experts talk of being sure to respectfully listen to opposing views first, but then what? What arguments in favour of vaccination are the most powerful? We want to hear from Guardian readers, including medical professionals, about what has worked in your experience. Fill in the form below and we’ll report back on your answers.

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