'The Conners' gives updates on NH primary during live episode

The Conners was broadcast live Tuesday, at the same time that the New Hampshire primary was reporting. And even the family that Roseanne Barr built couldn't help but get caught up in the action.

One of the plotlines was centered around Mark (Ames McNamara) writing a school report on the primary. As a result there were several political jokes. And since the episode was live, the characters were able to share and comment on the results as they were reported - including the news that Andrew Yang was suspending his campaign.

The show is no stranger to politics, as it is derived from the failed Roseanne reboot which was cancelled after Barr likened former Obama administration official Valerie Jarrett to Planet of the Apes. And the politically themed show both upset and intrigued viewers.

While the show didn't promote any specific candidate, it did promote the idea that it's important for people to know how politics and primaries work. Though Darlene (Sara Gilbert) did joke, "The early primaries are fascinating. You get to see the young candidates right before the corporate ones swoop in with their campaign dollars."