‘Confused’ accountant thought he only won $100 in Maryland lottery. It was much more

An accountant was shocked to learn he had miscalculated the amount he won in the Maryland lottery.

After work one day, the “loyal” player picked up a $2 quick-pick Powerball ticket at a Giant grocery store in Silver Spring for the May 3 drawing, lottery officials said in a May 11 news release.

He checked the ticket before going to work the next day, officials said.

“When I looked at the numbers, I only saw three matches and the red Powerball,” the 70-year-old told officials. “In my mind, I’m thinking it’s a $100 win.”

He headed to a lottery retailer to claim what he considered a smaller-scale prize. So he was puzzled when the message on the ticket scanner told him to see the cashier, officials said.

“I was confused,” he told them. “Because it’s only $100, right?”

It turns out it was much more than that. He had matched four white balls and the red Powerball for a third-tier, $50,000 prize, officials said.

“When the big winner shared his story with Lottery officials, he still couldn’t believe his miscalculation,” officials said in the release.

Like any good accountant would recommend, he said he’ll probably put most of it into his savings account and use the rest to take a vacation.

No one has hit the jackpot, which is set at about $125 million in annuity or $67.2 million in cash for the Saturday, May 13 drawing, officials said.

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