A Complete Timeline of Victoria Pedretti and Fred Hechinger’s Relationship

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Dating rumors have just sparked for You actress Victoria Pedretti and The White Lotus actor Fred Hechinger. The couple was seen together kissing in New York City at the end of February 2024.

So far, it remains unknown how the stars met and got close, but this isn’t Pedretti’s first public romance. Before Hechinger, Pedretti was linked with her You co-star Dylan Arnold in 2021. A source told Entertainment Tonight in November 2021 that they had been privately dating for a few months.

When speaking with ELLE in October 2021, Pedretti gave her views on love and relationships.

“I don’t know if I believe in soulmates; I’m certainly romantic,” she said. “I think any artist ought to be romantic. I hope that my portrayals of the world are hopeful, even if [You] is one of the shows.”

“I do think that a lot of us are vibrating on very different frequencies, and it does feel kind of miraculous when we’re able to find people [who] can even vibrate alongside us for even a time,” she added. “’Cause we’re always going to have moments of difficulty with communication and connection because we define language differently.”

“But it does feel special and precious to find and then cultivate friendships and relationships that enrich our lives. It can feel like magic. I think it’s so special,” she finished.

While their romance still seems to be pretty new, ahead is a full timeline of Pedretti and Hechinger’s relationship.

January 2024

January 20

Although they weren’t photographed there together, Pedretti and Hechinger were both seen at the Vulture Spot at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Both of them even stopped to snap pictures with Dylan O’Brien. It is unclear whether or not Pedretti and Hechinger spent time together at the event.

the vulture spot at sundance film festival day 2
Jerod Harris - Getty Images
the vulture spot at sundance film festival day 2
Jerod Harris - Getty Images

February 2024

February 26

Pedretti and Hechinger may have officially confirmed their relationship. Ahead of Pedretti’s Broadway debut in An Enemy Of The People, the couple was photographed going for a romantic walk in New York City. In one of the pictures, they stopped on the sidewalk and pulled each other in for a passionate kiss on the lips.

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