Company of a Few Good Poets: Antidote if You Are Feeling ‘Tanha’

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‘Tanhai’ meaning loneliness could be felt even in a crowd. And this theme has often been the source of most poets’ sadness.

Talking about being lonely is something most of us feel, as the pandemic has indeed taken a toll on each one of our mental health. So, in this episode, we dig a little deeper to explore what it is that keeps our poets feel ‘tanha’.

Tune in as Fabeha Syed reads Parveen Shakir, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ahmad Nadeem Qaasmi, Munir Niyazi, and other poets in this week’s podcast.

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. Read more on Podcast by The Quint.Company of a Few Good Poets: Antidote if You Are Feeling ‘Tanha’ Teen Who Had Filmed George Floyd’s Murder Wins Pulitzer Citation . Read more on Podcast by The Quint.

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