Communities in Bloom judges return to Strathmore

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Provincial Communities in Bloom judges returned to Strathmore on Aug. 4 to evaluate the town based on natural and community development.

Communities in Bloom evaluates participating municipalities via a grading system out of five “blooms,” which are awarded based on categories including community appearance, environmental action, heritage conservation, tree management, landscape and plant and floral displays.

The last time judges were welcomed to Strathmore was in 2018, at which time the town was awarded the highest ranking of five-out-of-five blooms.

Rob Pirie with Strathmore’s local branch of Communities in Bloom, said the team is looking to have a repeat performance, except this time is also hoping to win some provincial bragging rights.

“I think the Town has done an excellent job preparing and I think the committee – we think there’s a lot to be proud of in Strathmore and we’re glad to show it off,” said Pirie. “I would say that one of the highlights is we have a new Town Hall with of course, extensive trees … and there has been massive extension of the pathway system due to the Western Irrigation District opening up the pathway along the canal.”

Pirie described, should Strathmore claim the win provincially, it would mean bragging rights for the town, and it would be a celebration of local success.

Strathmore had previously planned to host the Communities in Bloom judges in 2020 but had to postpone the tour due to ongoing COVID-19 and public health concerns, leading instead to the judging happening in 2022.

During the tour, judges evaluated both Town-owned and public spaces, as well as privately owned businesses, institutions, and residential areas.

Kathryn Glendinning, one of the guest Communities in Bloom judges, said it was a pleasant sight to see the passion Strathmore’s community has for local beautification of the town.

“It’s interesting to see the great volunteer work and just the general passion people have for the for their town,” said Glendinning. “Just the passion so far, it’s been pretty impressive and I’m excited to see all the different elements that the community has put their energy into,” she continued, adding that this was her first time in Strathmore representing the organization as she has only recently joined the Communities in Bloom association.

Pirie said that regardless of the results from Communities in Bloom, for the Strathmore branch, the team certainly is not done with their local beautification efforts.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times