Common Room Launches Workflows to Drive Personalized Community Engagement at Scale via Automation

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New feature set enhances users’ ability to identify and reach out to members for a more engaged and active community

SEATTLE, August 17, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Common Room, the intelligent community growth platform for today’s fastest-growing companies, today announced the launch of Common Room Workflows, a new set of capabilities that allow community managers and developer advocates to better support users with customizable community engagement programs.

The launch of Common Room Workflows comes at a time when, according to the 2022 Community Industry Report by CMX, two of the top three frustrations for community managers are 1) it is difficult to consistently engage with members (46% of respondents) and 2) these efforts are largely manual and not automated (34% of respondents). Remedying these frustrations, Workflows enables community teams to automate how and when they reach out to their members, saving time spent on manual processes and ensuring the consistent high-value engagement critical to building a strong community.

"Ongoing personal engagement is vital for building strong communities. Knowing who to reach out to, when to reach out, and how to stay on top of all outbound communications can be both time consuming and repetitive, ultimately distracting community builders from other high-value projects," said Linda Lian, Co-founder and CEO at Common Room. "Common Room Workflows allows community leaders to automate these tasks while still keeping that human touch, enabling our customers to deepen member engagement, drive community growth, and achieve their business goals."

As part of the Common Room platform, Workflows allows community leaders to:

  • Save time with automated community outreach. Set triggers based on user activity and events—like joining the community or going inactive—to automate timely and relevant communications with members without having to manually monitor community activity to know when to act.

  • Proactively engage community members at scale. Use Common Room’s rich community data to auto-segment users and set workflows to ensure you are engaging the right people with the right message even as their interactions in the community changes over time.

  • Build an engaged and active community. Keep up member interaction by building workflows that gather feedback through surveys, auto-segment members based on activity, and acknowledge member activities and achievements as they happen.

"It’s hard to build a relationship with a bot," said Marie Antons, Technical Community Manager at Harness. "Workflows from Common Room saves the team time and helps our new members get what they need from our community. With Common Room we can welcome and orient new joiners and check in on inactive members automatically, all with messages coming directly from our Harness team. With Workflows, we’ve seen increased member engagement and better community retention."

Since coming out of stealth in March 2021, Common Room has partnered closely with top community-led organizations like Asana, Atlassian, Confluent, dbt Labs, Figma, Notion, and many more to build the industry-leading community growth platform. The addition of Workflows to the Common Room platform comes after the company announced the general availability of Common Room in March 2022 to enable organizations to grow stronger communities, measure outcomes, and drive business impact.

Read more about today’s announcement on the Common Room blog. To access Common Room for free and start getting closer to your community, visit

About Common Room

Common Room is the intelligent community growth platform that helps organizations deepen relationships, build better products, and drive business impact. Common Room brings together community engagement, product usage, and customer data into a single place, and uses intelligence to surface actionable insights so teams can discover what’s most important, nurture advocates, collaborate more effectively, and measure outcomes. Today’s fastest growing companies trust Common Room to power their community growth, including Asana, Chainlink, Confluent, Figma, Grafana Labs, HubSpot, Notion, Webflow and more. The company is backed by Greylock Partners, Index Ventures, and Madrona Venture Group and is headquartered in Seattle.

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