Comedian Lucia Keskin imagines what British sitcoms would look like set in the pandemic

Isobel Lewis
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Keskin parodies The Office, Derry Girls, This Country and Miranda (Lucia Keskin/Twitter)
Keskin parodies The Office, Derry Girls, This Country and Miranda (Lucia Keskin/Twitter)

Comedian Lucia Keskin has shared a hilarious video imagining what classic British sitcoms would look like during the pandemic.

Keskin, who creates videos under the username Chi with a C, is known for writing sketches inspired by popular TV shows in which she plays every single character and films against a green screen.

Previous videos have seen her parody everything from Sex Education and Selling Sunset to all the shows on daytime ITV.

In her new video released on Tuesday (26 January), Keskin, 19, gives the Covid treatment to a huge list of UK comedy series, imagining what would happen if the characters were forced into lockdown and stuck indoors.

In the Gavin and Stacey parody, Nessa is now selling her own homemade vaccine, while Absolutely Fabulous is renamed as “Absolutely Jabulous”. David Brent, meanwhile, is pushing his own government-esque slogan of “don’t give a s***” in an attempt to combat the virus.

During one sketch, Keskin impersonates Diane Morgan’s Philomena Cunk, questioning: “Who is Panda Mick and how did he come to be more famous than Susan Boyle is today?”

Other shows featured in the video include Miranda, This Country and Derry Girls.

The video was widely circulated online, with fans praising Keskin for her impressive comedy talent and quick writing.

“This is amazing. You’ve got more range than Daniel Day Lewis,” comedy writer Laura Claxton commented, while comedian Sophie Duker said: “You’re incredible!!!”

Gavin and Stacey star Mathew Horne reshared the clip, commenting: “Wow. Lucia is dynamite huh?”

Diane Morgan, who was portrayed in the video for both Philomena Cunk and Motherland, responded too, writing: “Haha! That’s great!”

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