'Come With Me If You Want to Live': Schwarzenegger Encourages Vaccine Takeup, Terminator Style

Arnold Schwarzenegger had near total recall to a couple of his famous movie lines as he received his COVID-19 vaccination in Los Angeles on January 20.

Never one to miss an opportunity to quip, Schwarzenegger first riffed on his “Put that cookie down” line from Jingle All The Way as he joked, “Put that needle down” to the healthcare worker administering the injection.

He then quoted himself from Terminator 2, encouraging others to follow his example and get vaccinated.

“Come with me if you want to live!” he said.

On Wednesday, he thanked Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, for checking him in at Dodger Stadium, where he received the vaccine. Garcetti was quick to point out that Schwarzenegger had only had his first dose of the vaccine. “He’ll be back – for his second dose,” Garcetti said. Credit: Arnold Schwarzenegger via Storyful