Colo. Police Rescue 'Adorable' Toddler Who Accidentally Got Her Head Stuck Between a Railing

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A Colorado toddler found herself in an unfortunate situation this week after getting her head stuck between a second-story outdoor railing.

The incident was confirmed on social media Tuesday by the Boulder Police Department, who shared a video of their officers performing the rescue.

"As kids, we've all done things that seem like a good idea at the time, but that we sometimes come to regret," police wrote. "That was the situation here where this adorable toddler was recently enjoying the day and her view, but accidentally got her head stuck in the railing."

As shown in the body camera footage, Sergeant Marquez and Officer Kyle quickly responded to the scene before using a battering ram to pry open the bars.

"Alright, we're gonna have you keep your head real low," the officers can be heard saying in the clip as they inserted the battering ram between the railing.

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The officers then directed the young girl to slowly move her head upwards and out.

After she was able to free herself from the railing, the toddler ran into the arms of a loved one.

"Don't ever do it again," the adult is heard saying through tears as she hugged the young girl. "Don't stick your head through it anymore."

The officers went on to offer the girl a sticker and check to see if she felt sick before departing the Colorado apartment complex. As they were leaving, the young girl can be heard yelling, "Thank you!"

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Following the incident, the video was shared to the Boulder Police Department's Twitter and Facebook pages.

"Her sweet little 'THANK YOU!' at the end melted my heart...and says it all! Well done!" one person wrote.

"You all are awesome and thank you for what you all do," wrote someone else.

"That is tremendous community service," added another user.

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