Colleyville project to beautify Highway 26 back on track after $8.3M bid is approved

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Work will start soon on the final phase of improvements along Colleyville Boulevard where most of the commercial activity takes place.

The council voted to accept the $8.3 million bid from C. Green Scaping.

The bid was much lower than an $11.4 million bid submitted by the Fain Group that was rejected in April.

Assistant City Manager Mark Wood said that 90% of Colleyville’s commercial activity is along the Texas 26 corridor.

“This is a concerted effort to do something that Colleyville can be proud of,” Wood said.

Wood said the gateways improvements project is spurring interest from businesses outside of Colleyville.

“They are excited to see this,” he said.

The decision means that work will likely start in the fall on landscaping, trees, stone tower structures and other improvements at three locations along Highway 26. The locations are John McCain, Main Street, and just north of Brown Trail.

The project is divided into three phases. The first phase was installing decorative light poles. The second phase, which is almost finished, included medians and rights of way, and the third phase will include the tower structures and landscaping which will be finished in about a year.

Funding for the Colleyville Boulevard improvements are coming from the Tax Increment Financing district which won’t affect residents’ property tax bills, Wood said.

Assistant City Manager Adrienne Lothery said the bid was structured so that the council could choose options for the project, such as flagstone paving on Main Street.

“We demand and expect anybody that comes into the city, especially businesses, that they’re going to bring high quality product,” Mayor Richard Newton said in a news release.

“And I think we have done our best to live up to that quality expectation, and to me this is part of it.”

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