It’s college football bowl season, and everyone gets a Pick 6 prediction contest invite

After 14 weeks, we’ve reached the end of the regular season in the Pick 6 college football prediction contest. Ready to go bowling?

Although actual teams need six wins to get an invitation to a bowl game (with a few exceptions), there are no such qualifiers of past success for our contest — though at least being a fan of the sport is helpful.

With 43 bowl games to choose from, how did we settle on just six games for our postseason contest? Well, we didn’t. We chose 12.

We’re breaking the bowl season up into two separate contests. The first, which you’ll find at the bottom of this story, consists of bowl games played Dec. 23 or earlier, including Boise State vs. UCLA in the LA Bowl on Dec. 16. The other five games involve mostly other Mountain West Conference teams, including the Dec. 23 Idaho Potato Bowl matchup of Utah State and Georgia State.

The second Pick 6 bowl contest, which will be released Dec. 26, will consist of the New Year’s Six bowl games (Cotton, Peach, Orange and Fiesta bowls) and the College Football Playoff semifinals (Rose and Sugar).

First, let’s recap last week’s contest. Here are the winning teams from Week 14, followed by the percentage of people who correctly picked them: Oregon over Washington (22%), Texas over Oklahoma State (92%), Boise State over UNLV (78%), Alabama over Georgia (16%), Michigan over Iowa (100%) and Florida State over Louisville (70%).

Needless to say, the upset wins by Washington and Alabama were the key games in sorting out the standings. Here’s the Pick 6 Top 6 for Week 14 after applying the tiebreaker — with margin of victory taking precedence, followed by total points scored.

Idaho Statesman
Idaho Statesman

Shogunremi also had a 5-1 record, but finished just out of the Top 6 after the tiebreaker.

GenXMichael’s hold on the top spot in the overall season standings was solidified by a strong showing last week. But it’s not over yet. Here’s how things look going into the bowls:

Idaho Statesman
Idaho Statesman

Meanwhile, it’s still a horse race for percentage leader, which is best winning percentage for those who have participated in at least two-thirds of the contests (10 of the 14).

Idaho Statesman
Idaho Statesman

On to the first Pick 6 bowl contest. You’ll have plenty of time to get your predictions in before the kickoff of the first game, which will be at 3:45 p.m. Mountain on Saturday, Dec. 16. We’ll then release the updated standings and our final Pick 6 contest of the season on Tuesday, Dec. 26. The final standings will be released Wednesday, Jan. 3. As always, here’s a recap of the rules:

1) List your name (optional).

2) List a unique user name if you don’t want your real name used (optional).

3) List your favorite college football team (optional).

4) Pick the winners of our six games.

5) As a tiebreaker, predict the final score of the Boise State-UCLA matchup in the LA Bowl.

6) You’ll have until kickoff of the first game on our list to make your picks (3:45 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 16).

Good luck! If the game format isn’t showing up below on your screen, follow this link.