College baseball coach fired after rejecting Colorado recruit over state's marijuana laws

Texas Wesleyan baseball coach Mike Jeffcoat does not approve of legal marijuana. (Getty)

That didn’t take long. Just a day after a Texas Wesleyan University baseball coach was revealed to have sent an email refusing to recruit a player from Colorado due to vague concerns about the state’s drug laws, multiple reports say he no longer works for the university.

That former coach’s name is Mike Jeffcoat, and he spent ten years as an MLB pitcher before joining Texas Wesleyan’s athletic department in 2002. On Wednesday, a tweet was posted with a screenshot of an email sent by Jeffcoat to a Colorado-based baseball recruit named Gavin, and it went viral.

Jeffcoat was rejecting Gavin as a possible Texas Wesleyan recruit due to Colorado’s marijuana laws. After the tweet started getting attention, Texas Wesleyan released a statement confirming that they were aware of the email, and that it was not reflective of their values or recruiting practices.

According to the Denver Post, the student’s name is Gavin Bell. And despite Jeffcoat’s rejection, Denver’s 9News reported that the university is still interested.

But Gavin isn’t exactly jumping at their invitation.

As Blue Oyster Cult almost said, don’t fear the reefer. Or at least the people who live in the states where it’s legal.

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