Use The Cold Brew Method For Perfectly Infused Lemonade Iced Tea

prepared lemonade ice tea
prepared lemonade ice tea - Carlosgaw/Getty Images

Iced tea's appeal is easy to understand; who doesn't want a refreshing glass of the drink? Plus, as a broadly encompassing beverage, it's open to elevating with many ingredients. So, change it up from a classic sweet tea by crafting a lemonade-based hybrid.

Using an infusion method, you can make a drink that's even more lemonade-forward than an historic Arnold Palmer. Simply steep the tea in lemonade overnight, extracting all of its flavor in a process analogous to cold brew. No need to worry about new ratios; simply use the same amount of tea as water.

The result will be balanced with tannins, meaning the tea's flavors will perfectly mingle with the lemonade. As a result, it's a drink perfect for flavor experimentation. Stick to a classic pairing of black tea and homemade lemonade, or play with new combos. Consider trying out new types of tea, like the grassy-tasting white varietal or complex herbal oolong. And match with new lemonades, whether it's a dash of mint or another fruit like watermelon. The easy-going drink lends to a world of creative renditions.

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Steep Tea In Lemonade Overnight For A Balanced Infusion

lemonade iced tea in glass
lemonade iced tea in glass - Kajakiki/Getty Images

This technique is forgiving; it's not necessary to time steeping to the minute. However, to allow those flavors to come out, you'll want to give it a minimum of four hours of infusion time. And typically, the taste will reach its aromatic peak around eight hours in. Just make sure to steep and store brewed tea in the fridge to avoid any illness. And note that this method produces a less caffeinating result, if a pick-me-up is the intention.

For the tastiest result, craft a fresh batch of the lemonade; it'll keep flavors extra bright and zesty. However, in a pinch, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a pre-prepped bottle at the store. Plus, remember you can always mix in some syrup at the end to taste, so don't fret too much on initial sugar levels. Such an easy-going quality is precisely the appeal of the method. Mix in your ingredients, stash away, and enjoy the next day.

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