Colbert praises Mitt Romney for honoring his oath: 'Like finding water in the desert'

Stephen Colbert spent a large portion of Wednesday's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert monologue thanking Mitt Romney. The Massachusetts senator was the only member of the GOP party who voted to convict President Trump on charges of abuse of power during his impeachment trial.

Romney cited the oath he took before God to honor the Constitution, as the reason for the vote. He said in a speech on the Senate floor, "Were I to ignore the evidence that has been presented and disregard what I believe my oath and the Constitution demands of me for the sake of a partisan end, it would, I fear, expose my character to history's rebuke and the censure of my own conscience."

While Colbert admitted that he has made his fair share of Romney jokes, he also said he appreciates the senators faith. "Hearing Mitt Romney take his oath to God seriously was like finding water in the desert, said Colbert. "Because we know Republicans are lying when they say that Trump didn't do anything wrong or that maybe he did but he shouldn't be removed."

Colbert alluded to senators like Lamar Alexander who said he didn't need witnesses to know Trump did what he's been accused of, but still voted for acquittal. And it's because of senators like Alexander, that Romney's vote against the president was so meaningful to Colbert and worthy of his thanks.

"So please join me in thanking Mitt Romney for being honest, for not lying to us or himself, for serving the constitution rather than that monstrous child in the White House, said Colbert, adding, "Why can't he be president? Thanks, Obama."