The Coffee Filter Hack For Avoiding A Gross Clogged Kitchen Sink

ground coffee in paper filter
ground coffee in paper filter - Ezumeimages/Getty Images

A clogged sink is the last thing you want to deal with when preparing dinner. Clogged sinks are not only off-putting and inconvenient, but they can also be costly to fix if the obstruction is particularly bad. Fortunately, there's a quick and easy way to avoid clogs using an item that you probably have in your kitchen right now. Coffee filters are an essential kitchen item when it comes to your morning cup of joe and are more helpful around the home than you might think.

If you're prepping a whole mess of potatoes (which can be expedited when using a neat peeling hack courtesy of TikTok) or some other type of vegetable in the sink, place a coffee filter over the drain first. The filter will catch all food remnants and prevent them from going down the drain. Once your meal prep is complete, carefully remove the filter with the food debris and discard it into the trash. Along with stopping clogs before they happen, this helpful hack also spares you the unpleasant process of fishing around in the drain to remove large bits of food. And beyond this useful trick, coffee filters can help with other messy jobs, too.

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Coffee Filters Can Also Spare You A Mess

person picking up large taco
person picking up large taco - Alvarez/Getty Images

Do you love tacos but wish they were a bit more portable? Walking tacos (which are supposedly a Texas invention) are a good alternative, but taco purists can enjoy the meal in the manner intended with a little help from a trusty coffee filter. A large round filter can be wrapped around the taco to catch any stray morsels of food that might break loose while you're eating. In the event you're a breakfast taco type, this hack is ideal for when you're on the go. However, it can also be beneficial during parties and gatherings where tacos are on the menu and guests have a desire to mingle.

In addition to tacos, coffee filters can serve as convenient carriers for burgers and other types of sandwiches. Because filters are typically thicker than a standard paper towel or napkin, they're great for soaking up grease and condiments. The round shape of filters also makes them easy to handle when transporting food from one place to another.

Coffee Filters Are Even Great For Baking

pouring chocolate cake batter into pan
pouring chocolate cake batter into pan - Kosoff/Shutterstock

While the ingredients in your chocolate cake recipe are crucial, so is the technique you use when whipping up a dessert masterpiece. The best bakers combine skill with efficiency, which often entails employing helpful little hacks. When it comes to greasing baking sheets and pans, coffee filters are an ideal tool to use. Unlike other paper products -- or even cloth towels -- coffee filters are more likely to remain intact and not spread little bits of fuzz all over your bakeware.

Using a coffee filter to grease sheets and pans also ensures a better outcome. You'll have more control over how much oil or butter you apply, which can make a big difference to your baking recipes. Greater control is especially important when using oil to grease a pan, as it can be very difficult to pour oil straight from the bottle without adding too much. With so many versatile uses, the humble coffee filter is about to become your kitchen MVP.

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