Cody Bellinger says Dodgers 'did it the right way,' curious to see Astros, Red Sox punishment

There are two individual sign-stealing scandals rocking MLB right now, and they have one thing in common.

The Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bellinger: Dodgers ‘did it the right way’

The Houston Astros are accused of using well-placed cameras and trash cans to steal opponents’ signs in 2017. The Boston Red Sox are accused of violating the same rule, with a different system, in 2018. They won World Series titles in those respective seasons, each defeating the Dodgers to do it.

“Honestly, we're curious to see what happens,” Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger said, via ESPN. “It sucks, man. We were close, but we did it the right way.”

The Dodgers lost in Game 7 to the Astros and lost in five games to the Red Sox. They’re still seeking their first title since 1988 and have lost to the eventual World Series champion each of the past postseasons.

“We could've won it if things could've gone our way,” Bellinger said of the 2017 and '18 World Series. “But it is what it is, man. You really can't look back on it anymore. We'll see what happens, what Manfred wants to do. We'll see.”

Major League Baseball is reportedly close to ending its investigation on the Astros, which it launched after the initial reports of sign stealing in November, and commissioner Rob Manfred could decide on punishment within the next few weeks. It could consist of record fines and the loss of draft picks.

Is sign stealing the new PEDs?

At every step of news from each sign-stealing scandal, the question has been, “how far does this go?” The Athletic first reported the scandals and noted that other clubs could have violated the rule as well, but the site couldn’t confirm that to be true. There is reportedly paranoia inside baseball that other teams are stealing signs.

Bellinger, who played in the California Strong game this weekend, was asked by ESPN if the scandal extends beyond those two teams.

“I think it's gotta come to an end unless it's gonna be a disaster. I think we have to do something about it.”

As Mike Oz wrote for Yahoo Sports, the scandal shares similarities with the PED era scandal in baseball. It could out an asterisk on this time in the sport, he wrote, and might make us “question everything we saw with our own eyes.”

Cody Bellinger's Dodgers lost back-to-back World Series to teams accused of stealing signs using technology.
Cody Bellinger's Dodgers lost back-to-back World Series to teams accused of stealing signs using technology.

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