Coco Jones Perfectly Nails a Mariah Carey Impression and Whistle Note on 'Sherri'- Watch!

The R&B singer appeared on Thursday's episode of 'Sherri' and showed off her secret skill

Coco Jones’ powerhouse vocals are certainly not a hidden talent — but the way she can manipulate them to do celebrity impressions definitely is!

The rising R&B star, 26, appeared on Thursday’s episode of Sherri, hosted by Sherri Shepherd, and played a game that allowed her to show off her knack for impressions. While each was spot-on, her Mariah Carey one was a standout, as she replicated even the pop diva’s whistle notes to perfection and left the host, 56, stunned.

The talk show host introduced the game by bringing up Jones’ secret skill and how she’s gone viral for it online. “What I love about you is that you’re so multifaceted — you do so many things,” Shepherd said. “I did not know you do impressions of celebrities and you have millions of views online because of your impressions.”

<p>Gilbert Flores/Penske Media via Getty, Michael Buckner/Penske Media via Getty</p> Coco Jones and Mariah Carey

Gilbert Flores/Penske Media via Getty, Michael Buckner/Penske Media via Getty

Coco Jones and Mariah Carey

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As soon as the former host of The View mentioned that she wanted to put the Grammy-nominated artist’s vocals up to the test, she jokingly interrupted, “Oh lord!”

The two then played what Shepherd called "Celebrity Spin," in which two wheels spun on a screen and landed on a pop star and a random scenario that they had to perform.

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Jones’ impression of Carey, 54, in particular seemed to wow everyone in the TV studio. “Let me channel her,” the “ICU” singer said after the wheels landed on the superstar and “on the phone with DJ Suss One,” or the show’s resident DJ.

<p>Andrew Werner</p> Coco Jones on Sherri Shepherd on 'Sherri'

Andrew Werner

Coco Jones on Sherri Shepherd on 'Sherri'

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“Hey Mr. DJ are you going to play my favorite song,” the singer-songwriter crooned, as if she was doing a rendition of a song that might’ve appeared on one of the hitmaker’s classics like The Emancipation of Mimi. Immediately after performing the verse, she broke into a high-pitched vocal run and waved her hand like MC might.

As she started to laugh at herself, DJ Suss One, Shepherd and the crowd also wailed with laughter and applause.

The Bel-Air star also did an impression of Britney Spears ordering a latte — doing a sassy version of her signature, pop princess voice — and one of Rihanna. As the “Umbrella” singer, 35, she also got “on a roller coaster” and hilariously mimicked her Barbados accent, singing, “Hell nah / Hell nah / Stop the ride / Stop the ride.”

<p>Andrew Werner</p> Coco Jones on Sherri Shepherd on 'Sherri'

Andrew Werner

Coco Jones on Sherri Shepherd on 'Sherri'

It’s hardly the first time that the singer/actress has gained attention for her shockingly accurate impressions. She often does them on her TikTok, as well as the online cooking show she hosts with YouTuber/singer Terrell Grice, T and Coco.

Jones’ music has been receiving its flowers as of late, as well. This year, the musician is up for her first-ever Grammy nominations, including the coveted best new artist award.

The star, who released her EP What I Didn’t Tell You in late 2022, also received nods for best R&B album for the project, best R&B performance and best R&B song for her hit single “ICU” and best traditional R&B performance for her Babyface collaboration "Simple."

<p>Paras Griffin/Getty </p> Coco Jones in Beverly Hills in November 2023

Paras Griffin/Getty

Coco Jones in Beverly Hills in November 2023

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Shortly after the nominations were announced, the singer-songwriter told PEOPLE how thrilled she was by the news.

“I was asleep on a plane, and you have your wifi on, so iMessages still work. I kept feeling like this vibration, and I was like, ‘Geez, this plane is going through some turbulence,'" she said. “Then I look at my phone, and I had all these notifications saying, ‘Congratulations!’ Of course, I was geeking.”

Of the success of her Grammy-nominated song, she added, “When I made ‘ICU’, I didn't know if it would work in this time, in this generation. I didn't know if it was too slow or too soulful. I didn't know how the world would respond. I was just creatively experimenting."

"But I’m really grateful when I perform 'ICU' because the audience is screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs," the singer continued. "The last time that I had that type of reaction was when I was 14 or 15, and I was doing Disney Channel stuff.”

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