CNN/Fox News come together to pan Trump lawyer’s impeachment performance: 'Pathetic'

It’s rare that CNN hosts, Fox News hosts and Republican lawmakers come together in agreement, but following former President Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor’s performance at the first day of trial, Tuesday evening became one of those moments. Following the first day of trial, GOP senators immediately panned Castor’s performance, calling it rambling and saying he was disorganized. One senator, Bill Cassidy (R-LA), who had previously voted that the second impeachment was unconstitutional, switched his vote, citing the Trump legal team.

Hosts from both cable news outlets weren’t any kinder. CNN’s Anderson Cooper compared it to a drunken wedding speech, saying he’s heard drunk wedding speeches more organized. Chris Cuomo said Trump is receiving the “pathetic” defense he deserves, and Don Lemon was stunned by what he’d witnessed.

Over on Fox News, Sean Hannity welcomed another Trump attorney, David Schoen, and Hannity just couldn’t help but take a shot at Castor, saying, “I like focused arguments.” Laura Ingraham said it was terrible, and slammed Castor for praising Democrats.