CNN's Dana Bash believes 'it's John McCain's last laugh' if Joe Biden wins Arizona

George Back
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During CNN Election Night in America on Wednesday, Jake Tapper, Abby Phillip and Dana Bash discussed the very real chance of former Vice President Joe Biden becoming the first Democratic presidential nominee to win Arizona in 24 years. The panel brought up the possible impact President Trump’s contentious relationship with former Republican presidential nominee and long-time Arizona Sen. John McCain has had on the election.

McCain died from cancer in 2018, and Biden delivered a eulogy at his funeral. Despite being on opposite sides of the political aisle, the two life-long politicians often found common ground.

President Trump did not share a similar relationship with McCain. In fact, on multiple occasions Trump belittled the late senator and mocked his military service — which included several years as POW in Vietnam.

Trump’s treatment of McCain and the fact that McCain’s widow, Cindy, endorsed Biden and has been campaigning for the Democratic nominee around Arizona, may very well have had an impact on voters in the historically Republican state. Tapper said, “His widow, Cindy McCain, is very beloved and respected in Arizona, endorses Joe Biden. There must be so many people in the White House right now, who are just tearing their hair watching these Arizona returns.”

As of Wednesday night, Biden was leading Trump in Arizona, and Bash thought it would be poetic if Trump lost the Republican stronghold, after mocking one of the most beloved political families in the state’s history. Bash said, “It’s John McCain’s last laugh if, in fact, his state, his beloved adopted state, goes for Joe Biden.”

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