Clueless fan takes photo with 'Sandlot' stars — not realizing they’re on his shirt

Twenty-five years after its release, The Sandlot is still a beloved kids’ sports film, and its signature line — “You’re killing me, Smalls!,” delivered by Patrick Renna’s Hamilton “Ham” Porter to Tom Guiry’s Scotty Smalls — remains its most memorable moment. When Renna and Guiry recently ran into a fan wearing Sandlot T-shirt citing that oft-quoted exclamation, they had to take a picture with him — especially because, as it turned out, the kid didn’t know who they were.

The Sandlot (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

As Renna explained in the below tweet, which has quickly gone viral, he and Guiry were walking down a Manhattan street two days ago when they passed a young man wearing a “You’re killing me, Smalls!” T-shirt. When they complimented on him on it, and he failed to put two and two together — this despite the fact that Renna looks very much like his 12-year-old self — they had to snap a photo:

Suffice it to say, Twitter respondents had fun teasing the young man’s cluelessness in distinctly Sandlot-ish fashion:

Let this be a warning to fans worldwide — if you meet people whose image is featured on your clothes, and you take photos with them despite not realizing who they are, prepare to be mercilessly heckled on social media.

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