‘Cloudy, drizzly, misty’ Friday in Kansas City, possibly heavier rain by evening

Bill Lukitsch
·1 min read

Kansas City area residents should prepare for rain as early as Thursday night with more to come on Friday, said FOX4 meteorologist Joe Lauria.

Overnight showers are possible starting late Thursday night, Lauria said, and Friday morning is expected to start off around 44 degrees. Areas to the north and west of the metropolitan area are less likely to see rainfall, Lauria added, and the intensity of the rain in the immediate area is expected to possibly pick up by Friday evening.

“Tomorrow is just going to be kind of one of those cloudy, drizzly misty days, a little shower every so often will shower or two thrown in for good measure,” said Lauria, who provides weather updates for The Star. “Just one of those days where it’s really tough to do anything outside for any length of time, but it won’t be raining all day.”

Severe thunderstorms are not expected locally for at least the next few days, Lauria said. In the long-range forecast, Lauria said temperatures are expected to warm over the weekend and early next week with the next expected chance of storms to come Tuesday night.