CloudCover’s CC/B1 CyberSafety Platform™ Now Insured By $1 Million Ransomware Warranty

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Ransomware Warranty is first in three-part market-disrupting cybersecurity offering from company

MINNEAPOLIS, September 22, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CloudCover®, an automated AI-driven cybersecurity platform, today announced the inclusion of a $1 Million Ransomware Warranty with a three-year contract for its CC/B1 CyberSafety Platform™. The warranty program is one of three network data insurance protection offerings the company will roll out over the next six months that represent an entirely new market category – cybersecurity network/data insurance. Cybersecurity network insurance and cybersecurity data insurance launches are planned for November 2021 and Q1/2022, respectively.

The seven-figure warranty is available to new users as well as organizations who currently use the platform and plan to continue their contracts for three additional years. A $250,000 Ransomware Warranty is also available for those who renew or sign up for a one-year contract. The multiple insurance offerings have never been more necessary as ransomware attacks are on the rise – 93% more ransomware attacks have been carried out in the first half of 2021 than in the same period last year, including the high-profile breaches at T-Mobile, Kayesa and Colonial Pipeline.

Utilizing advanced mathematics for deep learning and predictive analysis, CloudCover’s patented CC/B1 Platform delivers a nearly impenetrable layer of protection to an organization’s existing security stack, delivering 99.9999999% accurate threat detection with zero-second accuracy – lowering the risk of a company’s IT security breach. Similar to having a Firewall Everywhere™, the CC/B1 deploys without operational disruption in minutes and starts to demonstrate its value in 72 hours – collecting data from all corners of an organization’s network and streamlining it to create a clear and holistic picture of an organization’s data landscape.

CloudCover’s Ransomware Warranty offering is part of the company’s continued commitment to proactive, anticipatory CyberSafety – a shift from the current CyberSecurity landscape, which is focused on reactive threat hunting. It also comes on the heels of the CC/B1 Platform’s recent testing by the Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) Eaton Cybersecurity SAFE Lab, in which the lab’s thorough and rigorous testing showed the platform provides significant defensive capabilities against many common cyber threats.

"In our experience, the best products come with a warranty – and cybersecurity platforms shouldn’t be any different," says Stephen Cardot, founder and CEO of CloudCover. "In addition to the efficacy proven by the RIT SAFE Lab testing, we’ve also worked with organizations in a myriad of industries – education, healthcare, banking, government, and media – to monitor, analyze, and respond to specific attack scenarios within their network security. There’s a lot of trust in the platform, and the next logical step for us is to put money behind our promise. Offering this warranty means if our platform fails, you get reimbursed – and if you place the security of your network in our hands, we’ll guarantee protection."

CloudCover’s Ransomware Warranty products are the first of what will be three data and network protection offerings:

  • In November 2021, the company will roll out cyber insurance designed to cover all aspects of a cybersecurity breach and any liabilities incurred by an organization, including federal HIPAA law violations and any infringements with contracts and vendor partners.

  • The third and final tier of CloudCover’s offering, data insurance that insures data in motion with first- and third-party liability coverage, is set to launch in February 2022. This trailblazing insurance will make it possible for organizations to value and insure their data just as they would other company assets – something that’s been dismissed as impossible in the cyber insurance world.

Organizations will need to be active users of CloudCover’s CC/B1 Platform or be willing to implement it to receive the warranty and upcoming insurance offerings.

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About CloudCover

CloudCover®, an AI-driven, virtual machine-learned cybersecurity platform, has reimagined cybersecurity into proactive, anticipatory CyberSafety – delivering real-time extended network detection and response (X-NDR) through a patented, math-based security orchestration automated response (SOAR) risk-aware and control platform. The SOAR system accumulates data between an organization’s diverse security technologies and environments and streamlines them for a holistic action on potential risks. Our CC/B1 Platform provides an ever-evolving, protective security layer to your existing cybersecurity tech stack – meaning network threats are detected with 99.9999999% accuracy and eliminated in microseconds. With CloudCover, the elusive "single pane of orchestration" capability of an organization’s network security isn’t a myth – it’s reality. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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