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Harley Quinn

Destined to be the Squad’s breakout psycho, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) accessorizes with a a “Daddy’s Lil Monster” T-shirt, “Puddin” choker (her term of endearment for her on-off BF, the Joker), and Louisville Slugger. 

Up Close and Personal With 'Suicide Squad' Costumes and Props

Marcus Errico
Deputy Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

The Suicide Squad just hit Hollywood. 

In advance of the anticipated summer movie, due out Aug. 5, Warner Bros. is displaying a wide selection of costumes and props featuring DC Comics’ off-kilter band of baddies for visitors on the studio tour.

This week, Warners previewed the exhibit, which also includes artifacts from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in its museum. In the coming months, the studio will rotate in new pieces from upcoming DC-based films like Wonder Woman and Justice League, as well as its stable of TV shows, including Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl

DC Universe: The Exhibit opens to the public on May 24. In the meantime, click through and discover some new details about Suicide Squad.