Clelia Theodorou is unlikely to drive again amid PTSD battle

Clelia Theodorou has been diagnosed with PTSD credit:Bang Showbiz
Clelia Theodorou has been diagnosed with PTSD credit:Bang Showbiz

Clelia Theodorou still struggles to talk about the horror car crash in which her mum died.

The 29-year-old star lost her mum in the tragic accident in 2023, while she broke both of her legs in the crash - and Clelia has now admitted on social media that her emotions remain very "raw".

During a question and answer session with fans, Clelia was asked: "Will you ever talk about your accident and what happened?"

The reality star replied on Instagram: "I'm not sure. I find it very hard to talk about.

"Maybe in the future I will but it's still really raw. Family and friends that know everything I can talk too but talking about it to someone new and reliving it is so difficult."

Clelia admitted that she's unlikely to drive again, having been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following the accident.

She shared: "I haven't been driving and don't see myself driving for a very long time, if ever. It was really difficult getting into a car again after it happened just as a passenger.

"I hope one day I will but for now absolutely not. Mostly due to ptsd but also my injuries, I would need to be fully confident with my feet etc.

"The first time I was in a vehicle after was horrific. Luckily I was taken home from my time in hospital in an ambulance because I still had to be on a stretcher and had to lay down.

"So that made it easier as there was only one small window to see out of but I couldn't look. After that I was taken to and from appointments in ambulance transport, I couldn't physically get into a car either. (sic)"