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Identity-Driven Cloud Security Company Raises Bar for Cyber Threat Actors

RESTON, Va., December 07, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ClearVector, the identity-driven cloud security company, today announced its public launch. The company, based in Virginia, has built a cloud platform for what it calls "identity-driven security" to give organizations the tools to proactively fight cyberattackers as the world moves into a cloud-native and cloud-first future.

"Cybersecurity is an ever-changing battle, and the attackers typically have all the control. We’re focused on enabling our customers, the defenders, to understand the risk associated with their own identities, and in realtime, enable them to win against the adversary," said John Laliberte, ClearVector’s CEO.

ClearVector provides a comprehensive solution for those looking to protect their cloud environments. The company’s platform will enable customers to prevent or mitigate the full impact of a breach based on three core pillars: the adversary’s artifacts; the adversary’s identity and operational behavior; and the study and analysis of a business’ own identities and activity. The approach is necessary given the current shift in the speed and scale of operations, and the introduction of fully programmatic infrastructure, which creates an unprecedented, ephemeral, and decentralized expansion of attack surface that’s always accessible.

"The current best practice paradigm of endpoint, network, email, SIEM, SOAR, and MDR simply won't work for what’s coming," Laliberte said. "Attackers, especially when adopting machine learning, will create mathematically unachievable outcomes for defenders."

Instead of reacting to an ever-growing set of cyber threats, ClearVector seeks to give its customers the upper hand for a proactive cybersecurity stance that includes realtime intelligence and control over the identities operating in their environment. Just as a company analyzes and uses its own data to grow its business, ClearVector’s platform enables an organization to use its own data to protect itself — resulting in a strategic, long-term disadvantage for cyber attackers and an effective, modern security approach.

About ClearVector

ClearVector is the identity-driven cloud security company. In realtime, the ClearVector platform discovers, instruments, maps activity to identities, and provides productized cloud expertise to help organizations prepare for, measure, and prevent the impact of cyberattacks and breaches. ClearVector is defining a new era for cybersecurity by combining security-relevant business data, productized expertise, and identity data to raise the bar for the adversary.

With ClearVector, a single-click empowers organizations to easily understand, validate, and quickly mitigate, isolate or control risk in cloud environments. Learn more at

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