Clean Motion releases a new website & revamped brand identity

Clean Motion - Brand identity

JONSERED, SWEDEN - 30 September 2022. Today Clean Motion released an updated brand identity and launched a new website. The update is part of the world premiere of their new last-mile delivery vehicle that unveils in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 20 Oct 2022.

The Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer Clean Motion released in September 2021 that they had started developing a solar-powered, urban electric vehicle targeting last-mile delivery businesses in cities.

For the past year, Clean Motion has been developing the new vehicle with commercial partners to make it fit for the market. The vehicle, called EVIG (Swedish meaning eternal), will be presented to the world at its launch event in Gothenburg on 20 Oct 2022.

As part of the strategy, Clean Motion has now revamped the brand identity to communicate the mission more clearly and strengthen what the company stands for - clean, simple and efficient.

The new brand identity combines warmer earthy tones reflecting the sustainability focus and a monochrome base reflecting the clean and nordic roots. In addition, the logo has clean, sharp lines, representing the core design philosophy - simplicity.

From today, the brand identity is visible on the new company website. There you can gain an overview of what Clean Motion is, its vision and mission going forward, as well as the latest media and product information.
From 20 Oct, Clean Motion will be accepting orders for EVIG deliveries in 2023 through the built-in configurator on the website.

For more information, please contact:
Christoffer Sveder
Director Commercial Operations, Clean Motion AB
Tel: +46 70 611 26 98

About Clean Motion AB
Clean Motion is a Swedish company that manufactures and sells truly sustainable vehicles for cities. The vehicles are built locally and based on energy and resource efficiency, to maximize the introduction of electric vehicles globally. The company's vision is to offer urban mobility charged by the sun and therefore offers light electric vehicles with low energy consumption to meet the urban transport challenges of the 21st century.

Clean Motion AB is listed on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm. Certified Adviser is G&W Fondkommission, e-mail:, Telephone: 08- 503 000 50. For further information, please visit:

About EVIG
EVIG, meaning eternal in Swedish, is the company's next generation urban electric vehicle, specially tailored for goods distribution in cities and charges itself with the help of the sun.