Claudia Winkleman 'reluctant' to do another series of The Traitors

Claudia Winkleman admitted she is "reluctant" to do another series of 'The Traitors'.

Although the show has been a smash hit for the BBC, Claudia admitted she had to be persuaded to return for a second series and she has reservations about a third.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain', she said: "I was reluctant to do the second, and now I’m extra reluctant to do the third. Like guys, just leave it! It did okay, just leave it.

"They just say no, the head of the BBC just leant forward and took my temperature."

However, there is no stopping 'The Traitors' and TV bosses behind the show have reportedly booked the Scottish castle where it is filmed for another six years.

The reality TV contest has been filmed at Ardross Castle - 30 miles north of Inverness - since it launched back in 2022 and now a new report suggests BBC bosses are planning to keep the show on air until at least 2030 by securing a deal to book the castle for at least 12 more series.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The ultimate nightmare would be if the producers tried to return to Ardross Castle after the Beeb commissioned more series only to find it was unavailable.

"That’s a very real prospect as the Highlands pile is in huge demand for weddings, which have swelled in numbers since 'The Traitors' became so popular.

"Without taking this bold measure, it was at risk of becoming a victim of its own success."

The insider went on to add the castle needs to be booked out for certain times of the year - either in spring or autumn - because the show can't be filmed during the summer.

They explained: "The show, which is often filmed in the depths of the night, can only be made at certain times of year due to long summer days in the north of Scotland."

A third series of 'The Traitors' is likely to start filming at Ardross Castle soon and a celebrity spin-off is believed to be planned for the autumn.